Finally, Starting in July, Google Chrome will stamp all HTTP locales as “not secure,” as indicated by a blog entry distributed today by Chrome security item administrator Emily Schechter. Chrome right now shows unbiased information icon, but once google launches version 68, this browser, it will start warning the users with a “NON SECURE” icon on the address bar. Google Chrome is now the Most Popular Web Browser and has over 1 billion users. Chrome currently marks HTTPS-encrypted sites with a green lock icon and “Secure” sign.

Best Browsers Of The WorldThis should not come as a surprise that Google prefers sites that are trusted and certified.

https v/s http

Google needs this to ensure guarantee to its users that the site has an encrypted with the website information for that extra level of security. Since integrating a certificate involves a task of adding all the website owners details and that is one reason Google allows to get a higher ranking benefits.

Generally people often use the terms HTTPS and SSL interchangeably, but that isn’t accurate. HTTPS is secure because it uses SSL to move data. The technicalities can seem complicated, so if you like to get your website “SECURE”, CLICK HERE to help us reach you or call us on 04 – 427 37 87.