Today, the information is easily accessible over the internet, with big brands using the re-targeting advertising methodology in order to leverage the social media space to grab attention of the audience they are targeting, the distinctiveness of graphic designs and their elements in your marketing messages needs to be innovative, standing out in the visual space using creative graphic designing solutions.

The attention span of our mind’s ability to hold on information is decreasing in the over crowded media space and if staying focused is getting difficult without stepping out to check your mails or see what’s going on the social media, then you are not the only one.

For new businesses, the marketing messages in their graphic designs format must be “Bold” and “Attractive” since every targeted audience sees at least a thousand of marketing messages in a day.

To grab the attention, the designs should illustrate the pain points, in a creative visual format, that will connect and allow the audience to engage.

Using visuals that make a lot of noise is crucial, since our brains seeks visual representation. These visuals can be create using  original hand done illustrations, stock illustrations, original digital illustrations, stock digital illustrations, original photography and stock photography.

Keeping the visuals “Bold” will attract attention.

Use of  the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) in the design to simplifying the message clear enough, and let it says what it needs to say.

Being careful on the use of Free Stock Photography and Illustrations, as these could have been overused and will dilute the message, even before it reaches.

Asking bold questions of their pain points in the graphic designs, questions that engages human mind, the problem that needs to solve, will pull people in and subconsciously let the marketing message stay in the memory.  Of course, the solution will be the product or service that is being designed with the benefits, on how it would improve the pain points of the customer or viewer

The use of bold and relevant type to ask questions and provide solutions makes it easier to read, interact and when it visually and emotionally matches the message, the audience you are attempting to reach and the product or service that is being sold.