Online “Sales Presenters”: Latest Marketing Technology Integrated.

Design Image Sales Presenters is a completely new technology to integrate a “Live Personality” as a “Virtual Spokesperson” directly on to your business website, that immediately grabs attention, interest and provides information to the visitor to increase engagement.

The Sales Presenter can be added on any websites, pushed into email marketing campaigns as well as on landing pages to create awareness and deliver more information to make it easier to convert inquiries into sales.

Design Image manages all the creative stages from receiving and interpreting your requirements through talent selection, scripting, studio recording, development of graphics and animations to delivering as a finished project for simple inclusion onto your webpage.

Our technology can be viewed on mobile devices making the users experience seamless.

Engage Visitors, Improve Conversion, Turn Visitors Into Customers

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=> Get more visitors to stay on your site longer, so you can engage with them longer!

=> Convey any message you want to any visitor, regardless of how they’re visiting your site – desktop or mobile!

=> Offer coupons, bonuses and other incentives to get visitors on your list or to make a purchase!

=> Get new subscribers added on to your lists seamlessly using our integrated solution with well know auto-responders.

=> Leverage viral content on sites that you don’t even own to your advantage – use it to get more subscribers and/or traffic to your site!

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DesignImage Sales Presenters deliver your message 24 x 7 x 365 days and easily guides the visitor through the site navigation just like having a real person pointing to your website menu options, guiding the visitors what YOU want them to see. This technology helps you connect and interact with site visitors in ways that pop-ups, widgets, and other web conversion tools simply can’t.

Click To View Samples of Online Video Web Presenters In Action

Welcome Video
Introducing the visitors with company presentation

Exit Strategy – Video
Watch how “OVWP” pops up with special offer when you try to exit the website

Avatar Video
Introducing Character Animation To Welcome Visitors

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